Brand Story

Founded in 1920, Oh Chin Hing Sesame Oil Factory has over 90+ years of  history, bringing you quality products that are indispensable to every home and restaurant.

Throughout the years, the company has continually endeavoured to improve and enhance the quality of its products.

In the 80s, the production procedure was mechanised so as to make it more hygienic without compromising on the fine quality of the product.

This has contributed to making our sesame oil a more healthy choice and a household name trusted by discerning housewives and chefs.

An essential ingredient in bringing out the fullest flavours of various cuisines, Oh Chin Hing Sesame Oil is often used in seasoning for frying or added to soup or noodles. Its enticing fragrance is especially effective as an appetite booster for mothers in confinement.

The iconic double elephant which has been used for over 50 years in Oh Chin Hing’s logo came about when one of the founders stumbled upon 2 elephant statues during a house moving session.

These 2 elephant statues have been destroyed during the Japanese Occupation

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